Coaching for Couples
Coaching for Couples

Are you looking for a more fulfilling and loving relationship?


Do you find yourself having the same arguments over and over in your relationship? Have you fallen into a negative cycle that seems to repeat itself? Do you feel confused or dissatisfied? Has the passion and sexual intimacy disappeared? These types of experiences are exhausting, so if you’re ready for a solution, keep reading.

Are you looking for a more fulfilling and loving relationship?


Do you find yourself having the same arguments over and over in your relationship? Have you fallen into a negative cycle that seems to repeat itself? Do you feel confused or dissatisfied? Has the passion and sexual intimacy disappeared? These types of experiences are exhausting, so if you’re ready for a solution, keep reading.

Romantic relationships begin in the honeymoon phase where your partner is the greatest source of pleasure, joy and adventure. You can’t wait to see them, the sex is exciting, the chemistry is incredible and you think that they just might be “the one”. You feel proud to be with them, you feel lucky and they understand you in ways that no one else does. It feels like you have known them for thousands of years and you suspect that you might have even met in a previous life! Sound familiar?

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The Post-Honeymoon Ilusion:
THEY are the problem

After a period of time, you find yourself within a new phase called the power struggle. Instead of being a source of your pleasure, your partner is now the source of your pain. If only they would change, see the world the way that you see it, do things the way that you do it, all would be well and you would be happy! It makes you wonder, what happened? How did the dream become the nightmare? How did your ultimate source of joy and pleasure become a person that is making your life so difficult?

Most of us find that we lose our sense of self in romantic relationships. We don’t get to do the things we want, we feel like we can’t tell the truth about some things, we are afraid to bring up certain topics or we feel like we aren’t free to make our own choices. We become disconnected from our own values and fall into unhealthy patterns with our partner.


For example, let’s take a look at these couples I’ve worked with…

Gary & Susan found that their “talks” led them to a place where they reacted defensively, got loud, and felt more disconnected than when they started the conversation.

Joseph & Caroline struggled to set boundaries with their in-laws. Joseph’s Mother weighed in on all aspects of his life, which made Caroline feel like her opinion didn’t matter.

Sean & Denise struggled with their intimate life. Sean felt pressured by Denise to have sex even though he didn’t want to. He minimized the problem, got defensive and tried to reassure Denise that they would work it out.

In these relationship examples, the common problem is that each of these people were behaving in ways that they were unaware of. They were unable to see their own reactivity because they were so deep inside their own story. These reactions happen automatically and are an unconscious response to the perceived pain or threat in front of us.


In your relationships, you are bound to come up against issues when you get close to other people.


The challenge is not that these issues exist, but more in how you decide to face them. There are always precise moments where you make an unconscious or conscious choice on how to deal with something. Therein lies the opportunity. When challenges arise in romantic partnership, you might find that you resort to one of these three different strategies: withholding, withdrawal and projection.


You withhold your feelings, bottle things up or avoid telling the whole truth. You don’t tell them about certain things or avoid giving them all of the details.


You withdraw from your partner and decide to not give them as much energy. You make fewer plans with them, respond slowly to their messages and spend more time by yourself.


You believe that your partner is the one who has all the issues.


The world’s leading experts on relationships have discovered that the primary unconscious motivation for romantic, adult relationships is to finalize and complete aspects of our childhood. Okay, that was a mouthful. What does this mean? It means that we are seeking to complete unfinished business from our past. We are looking to get the needs met that we didn’t get met in childhood and we want to experience a sense of joyful aliveness with our partner. 


Millions of people go from person to person trying to find “the one”. They trade one body for another body hoping that the next person will fulfill their needs and make them happy. Alternatively, there is an opportunity to experience more aliveness, creativity and intimacy in your current relationship. 


The honeymoon phase is named that because it is a ‘phase’. It has a beginning and an end. This fact does not mark the end of the relationship. It is simply the beginning of a new phase where we require a new paradigm and a deeper understanding of what motivates us in our relationships.

1 hour sessions are $250.

How can couples therapy help you?

Discover key insights about your personal relationship story

Through the philosophy of IMAGO Couples Therapy, you will discover that you are unconsciously attracted to the negative traits of your primary characters from childhood.

Learn how to work through conflict in a more empowering way

Gain insight on your triggers and learn how to transform these painful moments by responding in a different way.

Repair & Reconnection

The extent to which we know how to repair can determine the outcome of the relationship. Learn how to deepen your connection through listening, mirroring, empathy and validation.

Accelerate the discovery process

You are required to do some of the heavy lifting outside of our one-on-one time. This generates more insights and accelerates our process.

And more…

1 hour sessions are $250.

Why should you work with me?

As an IMAGO Relationship Coach, I am trained to work with the challenges you are facing in your relationship and can teach profound insights that will make a positive difference for you. I have thousands of hours of experience coaching people 1-on-1, guiding couples and running transformative groups for Men.

Through my own personal development and career experience, I have gained deep insights that I am excited to share with you. I teach effective, scientifically-proven strategies for couples to work through their personal challenges and I have also developed one of my own unique methods for approaching difficult conversations.

What is included?

Let’s break it down…

• 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Private and confidential coaching calls with me

• After Hours Support

Timely support via email between sessions

• Focused Self-Study

Accelerate results through self study and focused assignments between sessions

• Personal Toolkit of Resources

Practical and useful techniques that you can use in your daily life forever

• IMAGO Couples Therapy Worksheets

Take what we learn into your relationship and practice outside of sessions

Feedback from people who have worked with me...

Okay, so… How do you get started?

In my personal experience with this work, people need support and guidance from someone outside of the relationship. Couples gain massive insights from working with a facilitator who can help cut through the bullshit, illuminate hidden patterns and re-create a sense of connection between them.


If you want a thriving relationship, you really can’t do it alone. This is where successful couples start.


The exciting part of my program is that you will learn methods that you can use in your relationship outside of our sessions. You will receive clear guidance on how to talk about your issues, eliminate negativity, express appreciation and reconnect to your relationship vision.


If we work together, you will realize how you came to choose the partner you are with, what your conflicts are really about, why your current approach isn’t working, what needs to happen and how you can make that a reality!


Finding a coach online can be difficult and it can bring up some doubts. So, let’s take it one step at a time.


To start, I would love the opportunity to give you some guidance on your current situation in a 1 hour session.


Then, if we agree that we want to work together further, I will clearly outline the next steps.


I am honoured to be part of your journey and I am looking forward to meeting you.


Schedule your first call today.

1 hour sessions are $250.