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Bring Love Back to Life, Deepen Your Connection and Build
a Brighter Future in 6 weeks
The loss of love is inevitable...

Returning to it is a choice.

In the first six months of dating—the Honeymoon Phase—our partners glow and the brain’s bonding chemicals flow. It feels effortless, passionate, and perfect…


Though as we grow closer over time, the shine wears off, and hidden conflicting patterns are flushed to the surface.


Now they seem to know exactly where your buttons are. And almost enjoy pushing them. You may find yourself getting caught in repetitive fights, arguments, disagreements, or feelings of disconnection. Often triggered by the most trivial things.


A relationship that was once your greatest source of pleasure is now a source of pain. And everything you want most with your partner—excitement, passion, safety, trust, connection, and companionship—suddenly feels dampened and out of reach.


The good news is: You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. You were drawn together for a reason. There are life-changing lessons waiting to be learned…

What People Are Saying...
So, whether you're in a partnership
that you want to take
from "pretty good" to awesome ...

Or you're on the rocks, asking
"Should I stay or should I go?..."

Or you're single and preparing to create your best connection yet...
Romantic Relationship Reset is right for growth-minded couples/singles who want to:

Feel more heard, seen, understood, and accepted by your partner

Identify and dismantle your inner obstacles to love

Go beyond reading books to get more useful insights and live practice

Build a powerful foundation for a new relationship

Repair the foundation of a less-than-ideal relationship

Restore the fun and Honeymoon magic that often gets lost, or keep it alive

Get rid of hurtful patterns and feelings of disconnection

Learn advanced communication tools

Safely share vulnerable concerns and upsets without spiralling into conflict

Confidently navigate disagreements and quickly get back on the same page

Prepare for a strong marriage

Get crystal clear on whether your partner is the right fit for you

Grow together with your partner, instead of drifting apart

Feel more fulfilled, loved, secure, and satisfied in relationship

Hey, I'm Nick...

… a Certified IMAGO Relationship Coach. I work with individuals and couples to boost their IQ and success in romantic relationships, with an emphasis on safe conversation techniques, mindfulness, authenticity, and boundary setting.


I’ve coached Hollywood celebrities, CEO’s, secret agents, high-profile lawyers, therapists, doctors, fresh partners and lifelong marriages. And I’ve been privileged to assist Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt (founders of IMAGO and authors of the bestseller Getting the Love You Want) in their online training for couples.

Why am I on this path? Because I’ve experienced the same relationship struggles that you and millions of others do.


I couldn’t seem to get past the two-year wall. I didn’t understand why love kept devolving into power struggles. I hadn’t yet learned how we recreate problematic childhood dynamics with our romantic partners, trying to give that story a happy ending.


But when I found the corpus of conscious relationship research—particularly IMAGO therapy—my love life drastically changed. As I continue to create astonishing results in my own relationship with the contents of this course, I’m dedicated to helping others do the same.

Your relationship should be a place where you feel safe, alive, and joyful.

Needing help to get there doesn’t mean you’re broken—it just means you’re human!


The highest performers in every field rely on coaching. Athletes, entrepreneurs, even coaches themselves. Why would this same principle not apply to love? Instead of struggling on our own, a mentor can point out exactly what hasn’t been working and provide road maps to reach higher levels.

Traditional couple’s therapy can seem intense, intimidating, and slow-going. It still has some stigmas (and sticker shock.) Which is one of many reasons why Romantic Relationship Reset is an approachable, affordable way to jumpstart your journey to designing a vibrant, fulfilling relationship.

How the Course Works:

I’ve organized your journey into a step-by-step process of assessment, education, and guided practice.


You will gain access to an online portal, where each week you’ll receive a new module containing videos, exercises, and worksheets to generate revelations and integrate the lessons.


You’re free to complete the modules at your own pace. Though a weekly rhythm is recommended, as it keeps you engaged in the process and only brings results faster!

The Power Struggle

Begin learning how to turn the core conflict in your relationship into what it’s meant to be: your greatest opportunity to heal, grow, and experience deeper love.


You’ll discover the Four Phases that all intimate relationships move through, and how the single most difficult phase—the Power Struggle—commonly kills relationships or keeps them stuck in painful, loveless cycles of frustration.


Most importantly, you’ll learn how to finally crack the code to resolve the Power Struggle, so you can break through to the highest stage of Conscious Relationship.

The Importance of Safety & Aliveness

We’ll explore the Five Pillars of Safety and the Five Pillars of Aliveness, and why these are two most important qualities of a thriving relationship. Start seeing quick improvements through a powerful exercise and discussion using the Wheel of Relationship, where you and your partner will identify targeted areas of focus to begin making immediate positive shifts.

How You Developed Your Communication Style

Each action, each word and how we say it—they matter. Our communication is either building up the relationship or breaking it down. And until now, you’ve been blind to how your default styles of communication may be causing your partner to feel unsafe, unheard, or unloved.


To find out whether you have a “Maximizer” or a “Minimizer” communication style, we’ll pull back the curtain on your childhood to see what dynamics were at play. Get ready for forehead-smacking insights into the mechanics of your biggest and smallest conflicts, in both love and life at large.

A New Way to Communicate

Talking and listening are subtle, vital art forms. We’ll dive deep into learning foreign ways of communicating that breed connection, understanding, and trust, while eliminating conflict, confusion, and distance. Essentially, we will learn the critical skill of dialogue. With the tools and exercises provided, you’ll be empowered to authentically explore any subject. Including worries or concerns, positive acknowledgements, behaviours you want to change, and the kind of sex you desire.

The Key Messages We All Crave

What if you knew exactly how both you and your partner wanted to be loved? Game-changing, right? The trouble is that neither person usually knows. The answer lies in discovering which core need didn’t get met by our caregivers. By learning the Seven Core Messages we all crave in childhood, and identifying which one(s) you didn’t hear, you can begin to meet your partner’s core need, awaken undeveloped parts of yourselves, and love each other in the way you want to be loved.


There’s a small catch: What your partner needs most is often the hardest thing for you to give them. But, as you’ll have learned by now, real love is not about finding the right partner, it is about becoming the right partner.

Building Your Relationship Vision

In closing, I’ll set you up for long-term success—outlining tools, tactics, practices, and resources for your journey. You will learn how to build a clear, empowering relationship vision and dramatically increase your chances of making your dreams come true.


We’ll also zoom back out to the bigger picture of your relationship story. What is your lifelong growth edge in relationship? What lost parts of yourself are you trying to reclaim?


In answering these questions, you’ll have a clear view of the work that lies ahead of you, no matter who you’re with. This allows you to naturally move into deeper commitment with your partner, while also feeling gratitude for having a person who’s willing to do the inner work to co-create an ideal, loving relationship with you.

Frequently Asked Questions
When does the course start?

Once you complete your purchase, you will be sent an email with instructions to access the course. Content will be delivered on a weekly basis for 6 weeks. You can complete the program at your own pace.

Are there any live calls?

Yes, there will be live calls throughout the year. Call dates will be posted in the course and you will receive an email reminder (as long as you stay subscribed to the mailing list). You will also get access to the recordings from previous live calls.

Is there a refund policy?

I do not offer refunds because my content is made immediately available after purchase and the content is downloadable.


My intention is for you to be happy with your purchase. I stand behind my courses and believe that if you do the work, you will achieve the outcomes you desire.

Is the material applicable to various gender pairings?

Absolutely. Relationship is a universal human issue. And so are the tools and principles you’ll learn. No matter the gender combination, this material applies.

If my partner isn’t willing to do this with me, how can I involve them?

There are all sorts of reasons why someone might be hesitant to do “relationship work.” But that doesn’t mean they never will. The best approach is to lead by example. Share your insights. Use the communication tools. They may be inspired by seeing and feeling the results first-hand. If not, having one person in a relationship who is doing things differently can still be enough to make positive changes. To make the process of sharing course material with your partner easier, I will provide MP3 audio of the lectures. This is often really helpful for people with busy schedules or partners that need time to digest things on their own.

In keeping with the theme of dispelling illusions…

I’m not a fan of hype or creating false expectations. Our unhelpful or even damaging relationship patterns were developed and reinforced over decades. So, we’re unlikely to completely delete them in just six weeks.


However, you can make massive progress…


In the process I’ve laid out for you, lightbulbs will go off. Radical insights about yourself and your partner will be generated. You’ll see quick, drastic shifts in levels of intimacy, safety, and trust. And you’ll have all the resources needed to thrive going forward. They just take practice to sustain over time.


Also, let’s face it: Not every person is the right partner for us. The point of this work is to achieve clarity on your hidden obstacles to love, how to overcome them and whether you’re willing to do so. With that clarity, many couples move on to build the best relationship of their lives. Whereas some realize it’s best to move on, period.


In either case, the end result is freedom and empowerment to create the deepest, most fulfilling love possible, with whomever that may be.

As you’ll learn: Relationships are personal growth machines.

There’s infinite juice to be squeezed from the lemon of love. That is IF we’re willing to learn and look at ourselves. If not, our relationships often get more difficult and painful, instead of easier and more fulfilling.


You just need to be pointed in the right direction and given the right tools. I’m here to set you up for success and kickstart your relationship transformation with the most essential, impactful resources that my private clients find priceless and powerful.


If you’re ready to finally unlock higher levels of love, click the button below.

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