Some Thoughts On Change

A note for those wanting change.


Notice if there is a part of yourself that wants the coach, facilitator or leader to do the work for you.


Notice if there is a part of you that is lazy, afraid and stuck in place.


Notice if you buy the books and don’t read them.


Notice if you invest in the course, but you don’t complete the modules.


Notice if you pay THOUSANDS of dollars to your coach, but you don’t do the homework.


No matter where you find yourself in life, if you are seeking change, if you do not like your present reality, YOU MUST ACT. It is likely that you also must act differently than you have before or how you are now.


It is likely that something needs to change and that something might be related to your behaviour in life or your lack of action.


Your actions can be simple.


Your actions can be a commitment to yourself.


Your actions can be consistent.


Think of a material object in your life that you deeply value and cherish.


How do you treat that object?


What thoughts do you have about that object?


What if you treated yourself like something that you deeply value and cherish? What if you talked to yourself in a way that was caring, kind and appreciative?


We do not abuse the things that we care deeply about. We do not call them nasty names, smash them or let them decay in a dark room.


If we do, then this is self-sabotage.


Yes, awareness is where the journey starts. Awareness is where we see things for the way that they are, not worse than they are, but as they are.


If you want something in your life to change, do something about it. You have to do something about it because almost everyone else is focused on their personal problems and their narrow perspective of reality.


We can waste so much of our personal energy complaining about the world. Complaining about masks, blaming the government, blaming china, blaming your parents.


What has happened, has happened. We are here now. From this place, what can you do and where do you want to go?


Notice how complaining about your reality changes nothing. Blaming your parents changes nothing. In fact, you use up more of your own personal energy with those mechanisms than you do focusing on moving your life forward.


Happiness is a daily choice. It is a lifestyle. You start where you are and build from there. Happiness can be expanded and it starts with the way that you treat yourself and talk to yourself.


You get back what you are focused on. If you are focused on the sensational news network, then you get sensational news. It has to be compelling, it has to be heartbreaking, it has to be entertaining so that you don’t change the channel. The news competes with other television programs for ad revenue. It is all about eyeballs on the screen.


Just because someone produces the content and most people watch it, doesn’t mean that it is actually good for you or even useful.


Just because everyone spends their time drinking and smoking, doesn’t mean that it is actually productive or helpful.


Notice how you spend your time on a weekly basis.


Notice what you think about.


Notice how most of your thoughts are actually the same on a daily basis.


If you are on a hamster wheel that you do not want to be on, it is up to you to get off. You can be supported, you can be guided, you can be held with compassion AND it is up to you.


You are free to change your mind at anytime.


You are free to become who you want to become.


You are allowed to change your mind. People do it everyday. They leave their religion, they quit their job, they change their hairstyle.


Give yourself permission and quit waiting for someone to tell you it is okay to be who you are or who you want to be. IT IS OKAY. YOU ARE OKAY. IT IS GOING TO BE OKAY.


Your sense of OKAY is directly related to your daily practices or lack there of. It is directly related to whether you spend all of your time wallowing in sorrow or asking for support. If you cannot afford therapy or coaching, you can afford a $7 used book. If you cannot afford a $7 used book, then your spiritual work might be to find a way to make that happen. It might be to borrow book or find the bins where people give books away for free. It might be to ask people in your social circle or people you see on the street for recommendations on free trainings, podcasts or other things that can support you. If you don’t know where to start, ask.


You are allowed to do well.