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Hi, I'm Nick Solaczek.

I am a Certified IMAGO Relationship Coach based in Vancouver, BC. My work focuses on romantic relationships with an emphasis on safe conversations, conscious relationship principles, mindfulness, authenticity and boundary setting.


IMAGO is latin for “Image”. In the context of relationships, this image is a silhouette of the positive and negative characteristics of your primary caretakers. This image has a significant influence on who you are attracted to and how you show up in your relationship. My life has been significantly impacted by the profound insights of IMAGO theory, which is why I have dedicated myself to teaching as my full-time profession. I am very passionate about this perspective on relationships and am amazed by the results that myself and others have achieved from diving into this work.


All of my sessions take place online over Zoom and I am available to work with people individually or as a couple.


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The first call is $125 USD for 30 minutes.