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Hi, I'm Nick Solaczek.

I am a coach, group facilitator, public speaker and writer based in Vancouver, BC. I believe that getting to know ourselves at all our depths is an extremely important piece of cultivating self-acceptance and aligning our desires with our reality.


After years of struggle with my life purpose and a couple emotional rock bottoms, I met a Transpersonal Therapist and Western Spiritual Teacher who helped guide me out of the weeds. The old adage “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” resonates for me. Sometimes being “ready” means that we are tired of suffering and we want to create change in our life. Man, was I tired of suffering. The transformation that I experienced motivated and inspired me to begin working with others through my own practice.


My work with clients is focused on mindfulness, conscious relationship principles, authenticity, boundaries and personal freedom. I am also passionate about working with couples through the lens of IMAGO Relationship Therapy. At the moment, I am in the process of completing my Level 2 & 3 certification.

Some of my greatest influences include Alan Watts, Phil T. Mistlberger, Osho, Wayne Dyer, Seth Godin, Werner Erhard, Harville Hendrix and Tony Robbins.

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